Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition

A Whole Community Preparedness Coalition

Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition (SPARC) isn't just a Healthcare Coalition for Southern Illinois. SPARC is a "Whole Community Coalition." This means that we are dedicated to planning, preparing, responding, and recovering together as a community of organizations and individuals that recognize the necessity of working together to help each other during times of disaster and preparing for those times.

Individuals and Familes

It is vital for individuals and families to prepare for disasters and household emergencies. For more information on individual and family preparedness, helpful links and tips, and other great information, click the button below.

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A healthy business community is necessary. This is often highlighted after a disaster when businesses are struggling with navigating the claims process, trying to get reopened or to remain open, and working on recovering and getting back to normal. Part of SPARC's mission is to help all different types of businesses including healthcare with preparing ahead of the disaster. Click the button for more information.

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Local Government

Local elected officials and government are the foundation of any successful disaster response and recovery. Often times local government does not have the time or resources to maintain the technical skillset of emergency management to ensure a successful community response. Click the button below to help.

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Southern Illinois has always taken pride in the close knit communities and collaboration that we live by. Disaster preparedness is not different. In fact, by working together as a region, we are able to be more effective. Click the button below to learn more about regional preparedness and what SPARC has to offer.

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