The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate the ability of the Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition to respond to a regional disaster and to also allow Coalition Members the opportunity to meet their own exercise requirements.

This regional exercise is not one large exercise but instead consists of individual organizations conducting their own exercises using the same event scenario.  The exercise was designed this way to allow multiple levels of participation for Coalition Members.  Coalition Members have the option to conduct an exercise in conjunction with this exercise, participate in the Coalition exercise, or choose not to participate at all.

Coalition Members conducting an exercise in conjunction with this exercise are required to develop, conduct, and evaluate their own exercise.  These members will be required to utilize the regional tornado scenario, coordinate activities with the Coalition response, and provide input to the Coalition’s After Action Review and Improvement Plan (AAR/IP) on activities directly related to the Coalitions response.  Members are not required to provide the Coalition with any information regarding the results of their organizational exercise to protect proprietary information.

Coalition Members that wish to participate in the Coalition’s response must provide for the sharing of information regarding organizational status and resources available for the duration of the exercise.  Participating members are required to submit Activity Logs (ICS 214 or HICS 214) documenting any interaction with the Coalition’s response team and provide input to the Coalitions AAR/IP.  Hospitals that have received HPP funding are required to participate at this level if they choose not to conduct a simultaneous exercise.

Coalition Members that do not wish to participate in this regional exercise should simply inform the SPARC Exercise Director before the start of the exercise or the Coalition’s response team at any time during the exercise.

The complete ExPlan can be found here