SPARC is made of many different organizations in Southern Illinois whose mission includes preparing for, and responding to natural and man-made disasters.  Our members consist of those whose mission is preparedness and response 24/7, to organizations that typically provide other services but would be called upon to provide services in a disaster, to businesses and individuals who, by increasing their preparedness, help to increase the overall resiliency of our community.

How does an organization or individual become more prepared?  It really is like the old adage, How do you eat an elephant?  By taking one bite at a time, even small bites, soon every individual and organization can be in a much better position to respond and recovery from anything mother nature or man can throw at us.

Visit the various pages of this website and the other sites to which we provide links. Ask yourself, how can I / we help our neighbors, community, friends so that we can survive together? Consider joining SPARC or attending preparedness training and education, especially if your role or calling is to assist in responding and recovering.

Individuals should consider becoming affiliated with a volunteer organization such as your local Medical Reserve Corps, Emergency Management Agency, Local Red Cross Chapter, Response groups through faith based organizations, etc.

Check back with this website often for more news and information on Planning, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery efforts and this coalition’s and our many partner’s and member’s work in Southern Illinois and throughout the state as we strive to become a “more prepared and resilient region.”