Resources for Business Continuity Planning

Survive and Thrive Guide

Using Business Continuity Planning to ensure your business can survive disaster.

Survive and Thrive Guide is a Department of Homeland Security website that provides preparedness information for individuals, families, businesses, and other organizations.  The website can be found at

Ready Business will assist businesses in developing a preparedness program by providing tools to create a plan that addresses the impact of many hazards. This website and its tools utilize an “all hazards approach” and follows a five step process for developing a preparedness program.

Preparedness planning for your Business –

  1. Program Management –
  2. Planning –
  3. Implementation –
  4. Testing and Exercises –
  5. Program Improvement –

If you need more help getting a business or organization prepared, use the new Business Continuity Planning Suite developed by DHS’ National Protection and Programs Directorate and FEMA.

This software was created for any business with the need to create, improve, or update its business continuity plan. The Suite is scalable for optimal use by organizations of any size and consists of a business continuity plan (BCP) training, automated BCP and disaster recovery plan (DRP) generators, and a self-directed exercise for testing an implemented BCP. Businesses can utilize this solution to maintain normal operations and provide resilience during a disruption.  Download the program at

Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS)

IBHS is an independent, non-profit, scientific research & communications organization supported by the property insurance industry. IBHS strives to reduce or eliminate residential and commercial property losses due to natural and man-made forces by building stronger, more disaster resistant buildings; developing business continuity and recovery programs; and making individuals, businesses, and communities more resilient in the event of loss.   The website for the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) is

OFB-EZ is a free business continuity tool offered by IBHS to help even the smallest businesses focus on planning for any type of business interruption.  Business owners create their own business continuity plan using the programs eight modules.

  1. Know Your Risks (PDF /Word Doc)
  2. Know Your Operations (PDF / Word Doc)
  3. Know Your Employees (PDF /Word Doc)
  4. Know Your Customers, Contacts, Suppliers, Vendors (PDF / Word Doc)
  5. Know Your Finances (PDF / Word Doc)
  6. Know Your Information Technology (PDF / Word Doc)
  7. Know When to Test Your Plan (PDF / Word Doc)

Download the complete OFB-EZ toolkit from

Another tool from IBHS is the recently released EZ-PREP, an emergency preparedness and response planning guide. One of the most useful features of EZ-PREP is that actions are organized chronologically. If a business has advance warning of an extreme weather event such as a hurricane or a severe storm expected to hit their area, this tool walks users through the actions and tasks that should be performed five days before, 72 hours before, 24-48 hours before, during and immediately after the event, and during the recovery process.

Download the complete EZ-PREP toolkit from

US Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA provides several resources for small business owners to prepare and recover from disaster.

  1. Disaster Assistance –
  2. Emergency Preparedness –
  3. Disaster Planning –
  4. Disaster Cleanup –
  5. Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan –


US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center’s Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Program is committed to improving the efficacy of business philanthropy in disasters, breaking down information and coordination barriers between sectors, and highlighting the unique work of corporate citizens in the field.  Visit the site at

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation provides resources for the following at

  1. Local Chamber of Commerce Preparedness –
  2. Local Chamber of Commerce Recovery –
  3. Small Business Preparedness –
  4. Small Business Recovery –


National Fire Protection Association

NFPA 1600: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations Programs.


United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

ARISE – Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies.


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